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Milberg LLP is an investor and consumer protection law firm representing victims of corporate misconduct. Milberg’s team of full-time investigators, most of whom have FBI, NYPD, and other government enforcement backgrounds, has been critical to Milberg’s ability to achieve excellent results for its clients by uncovering the facts used as evidence in the prosecution of claims. Milberg’s investigative team backgrounds remain the most diverse in the industry.

Meet Milberg’s Investigative Team

Steve Bursey
A 27-year veteran of the FBI who worked many high-profile investigations, Steve heads Milberg’s investigator department. He was involved in countless sting operations as a Special Agent, including high-profile ones. Steve was the contact agent for an undercover agent in the “Donnie Brasco” mob infiltration operation, which was the feature story in a movie starring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. Read More
Michelle Napoli Petrick
A lead research investigator, Michelle can identify and track people anywhere in the world.
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Investigations Worldwide

Investigations Worldwide

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